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COVID-19: A Humanitarian & Human Rights Crisis for the Most Vulnerable

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​​​​​​​“The COVID-19 pandemic is a humanitarian crisis. It challenges our understanding of the 21st century and warns of dangers ahead. It requires each individual to act, both alone and collectively.” Ai Weiwei

As the COVID-19 crisis rages on around the globe, the coronavirus is expected to disproportionately impact the world’s most vulnerable people. The scale and speed of the pandemic underscore how deeply interconnected the world’s populations are. Nevertheless, at precisely the moment when global solidarity and cooperation are essential, many nations are turning inward as they seek to protect their citizens. Borders are closed, supply chains are under strain, and the movement of humanitarian aid has grown even more difficult. But those most in need of help cannot be left behind. 

We are pleased to invite you to a conversation this Monday, June 22 featuring Ai Weiwei, Human Rights Watch Executive Director Ken Roth, Médecins Sans Frontières Deputy Director of Operations Kenneth Lavelle, and Refugees International Vice President for Strategic Outreach Cindy Huang, on the crucial importance of support for vulnerable communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, challenges humanitarian and human rights organizations are facing, and solutions to ensure that a response to the virus is inclusive of those who need it most. Alexandra Munroe of the Guggenheim will moderate, and an audience Q&A will follow. 

The event is brought to you by Ai Weiwei MASK, an art project in collaboration with eBay for Charity, that is raising funds for the COVID-19 humanitarian and human rights efforts undertaken by Human Rights Watch, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Refugees International.